1.  What is a tax sale?

A tax sale is an auction of parcels of property that have delinquent taxes.


2.  What is the date and time of the annual tax sale auction? 

The tax sale auction varies with each County. Contact Chancery Court at 615-789-7011 for information.

 3.  Where will the auction/sale be advertised? 

The tax sale will be advertised in the local newspaper. 


 4.  When are tax sales advertised? 

The auction list is published twice approximately 2-3 weeks before the sale.


 5.  How and when do you register for the tax sale auctions?

There is no registration.  You must simply be present to bid.


 6.  Is it possible to register by mail?

No, you cannot register by mail.


7.  What type of payment is required at auction?

Cash, money order, or check is required at the time of the sale.


8.  What type of bidding process is used? 

This is an open, public auction.


9.  Will the sales be final?

Yes, all sales are final at the auction.


10. Will all other liens be cleared from the property as a result of the sale?

Contact the Delinquent Tax Attorney for information.


11. Is there a redemption period before I can take possession once a property is acquired through your tax sale?  If so, what is the redemption period?

The new owner cannot take possession of the property until one year from the date the order of confirmation is filed.


12. If there is a redemption period, does the investor earn interest during the redemption period?  If so, what is the annual interest rate?

There is an annual interest rate of 1% per month earned on the property during the redemption period.


13. If a foreclosure is necessary, will the County assist in this matter?

No.  The County does not assist with foreclosures.


14. Will I receive a document to verify the purchase?  Will it be a deed or a certificate of lien?

You will receive a receipt showing the amount you paid.  At the end of the redemption period, the County will issue a deed.


15. Do you allow investors to invest at your tax sales without attending the tax sale?



16. Is a current list of available properties or liens available?

The available properties are published 2-3 weeks before the tax sale.  You may obtain a copy by contacting the newspaper.


17. Is a copy of the County and State statutes and rules regarding the tax sale available for purchase?



18. Would you please place me on your mailing list if you have one?

Contact Chancery Court at 615-789-7011.


19. Can I get a list of properties whose redemption period has already expired?

There are no properties available.

20. When will the list of unsold /unbid-on property be available? 

There is rarely property remaining after an auction that hasn't been sold or bid on.  If there is any property that was not sold or bid on, the one year redemption period applies to the County.