How safe is online property tax payment?

This website uses specialized encryption to ensure that your tax payment information is secure. Online payments are more secure than mailing your payment from your home postbox.


C:\fakepath\question.PNG Why is there a convenience fee?

 A convenience fee of 2.75% is charged to the cardholder by the payment clearing house for processing a credit card payment or a flat $2.75 for an e-check payment. None of this fee is retained by the County. You will have an opportunity to see what the fee will be before completing your payment.


C:\fakepath\question.PNG What kind of verification shows that I made my payment?

When payment is submitted, a printable confirmation of the transaction will become available for immediate printing and retention for your records. This transaction confirmation will contain all information about your online payment(s).


C:\fakepath\question.PNG What do I do with my confirmation number?

Store your confirmation number in a safe place. It is a secure reference to your transaction and will be needed to access any payment information.


C:\fakepath\question.PNG How will I know if my taxes were received before the due date?

Payments may be made up until 11:59 pm on the date payment is due. The date displayed on the confirmation page is recognized as the date of payment.