What is Tax Relief?

The Sullivan County Trustee administers the state funded Tax Relief Program to help taxpayers 65 or older, disabled citizens, veterans, and widow of a veteran pay their property taxes. For qualifying applicants, the state will pay all, or a portion of the property taxes on their home (including mobile homes) depending on the maximum amount of Tax Relief credit given in relation to the taxes due. Please note that Tax Relief benefits are available for both city and county taxes.


Application Process:

To apply for the Tax Relief program on 2019 taxes, our staff will fill out the application with the homeowner(s) in the trustee’s office. Please come to our office to the main entrance of the historic Sullivan County Courthouse, Blountville; we are the first office on the left as you come in the main doors – Suite 104. The Trustee’s office address is 3411 Hwy 126, Suite 104, Blountville, TN 37617 – Phone number 423-323-6464.Additional information:http://www.comptroller.tn.gov/pa/patxr.asp


If you qualify for TAX RELIEF, you MUST SEND your VOUCHER to:

SULLIVAN COUNTY TRUSTEE at 3411 Hwy 126, Ste 104, Blountville, TN 37617. 



Making payment on this website does NOT submit your application or voucher to the State for payment or reimbursement.  If you do not mail your voucher, you will owe additional taxes.